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Design Studio Tools

Grant Request:



The Design Studio is full of wonderful opportunities for students. Students are able to imagine, create, and collaborate together to build projects for Robotics Class, Entrepreneurship Class, or even Makerspace time. While students have access to great materials like sewing machines and 3D Printers, there is one important thing we are missing when it comes to making: TOOLS!

The Design Studio is requesting funds to build up the tool selection available to students. Our current tool selection is one hammer, two phillips screwdrivers, and three measuring tapes. I would like to give students the opportunity to become true hands-­on learners by giving them the literal “tools” to build!

This request is for two different tool kits. The first tool kit is a DEKOPRO 168-­piece Combination Mixed Tool Set. I am seeking two quantities of this set so that multiple students can have access to the tools in this kit at the same time. The other kit is a 26-­piece tool kit that includes a cordless drill. All students will need to seek teacher approval before using any of these tools and will be monitored under teacher supervision while tools are in use. In addition, students will receive safety instruction on how to use each tool.

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