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PTO Teacher Gifts Grant Program 2020-21

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The annual PTO Teacher Gifts grant program (formerly Ways and Means) is underway. District 29 staff and community members have submitted their applications, and now you have the opportunity to review the applications and give feedback.

The PTO Gifts program allows the PTO to donate funds to provide further opportunities for District 29 students. The purpose of the PTO Gifts should be the following:

  • To provide one-time start-up “seed money” Grants or contributions used to start a new project or club/organization.

  • To fund requests that were not in the PTO/school approved budgets (unexpected or extraordinary). Something new comes up in the course of the school year and can’t be paid for at that time.

  • To fund programs that extend or enhance the core instructional program. Items that will enhance or improve the core curriculum within the school/classroom.

  • To fund programs that benefit as many students as possible. Either at the time of funding or long term.

All PTO members in good standing can review the applications below and give feedback to Bridget Kennedy. The PTO Gifts Committee (comprised of members of the PTO Executive Board, District Administrators, a School Board member, and teachers) will vote on the applications. Results will be shared at the February PTO meeting.

View the Proposals

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