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Approved Teacher Gift Grants

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the proposals approved for the PTO Teacher Gifts grant program! As mentioned last month, the PTO Teacher Gifts program is a long standing tradition in which the PTO donates funds to provide opportunities for District 29 students. Because of your donations and participation in PTO fundraising efforts, the PTO was able to grant $41,856.29 towards this tradition. This is your PTO dollars at work.

Many thanks to staff who submitted a wealth of innovative ideas. Their dedication, professionalism, and love of teaching is evident in all that they do and our children’s educational journey will benefit from gifts granted.

Congratulations to the approved grants for 2017-2018:

  • Band Equipment (Instruments)

  • Makerspace Enhancements

  • Ninja Fitness Agility Course

  • Virtual Reality Bundle

  • Poster Printer

  • Pocketlab Voyager Sensors

  • Picnic Tables

  • Art Frames

  • Music Rug

  • Learning Center Graphic Novels

  • Learning Center Board Games

  • I Will Always Write Back novel set

  • Wonder Movie field trip and discussion party

  • Design Studio Tools

  • Circuit Bundle

  • Weather Balloon

  • Genre Mini-Libraries

  • WSRS Makeover (Video Broadcast Equipment)

**Photo above is a person using the Tilt Brush – a Virtual paintbrush used in combination with a viewer to create 3-dimensional paintings. This is included as part of the VR Bundle package granted by the PTO.

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