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Holiday Gift Project

For many years, Middlefork and Sunset Ridge families have participated in a holiday gift project to benefit the Northwestern University Settlement House. This project provides our children with the opportunity to help many less fortunate families. Your support will provide 25 families with holiday gifts this year. This is a voluntary project, but we hope to encourage all of our students to participate.

As in past years, each classroom will sponsor a specific family. For grades K-4, each student has been assigned a family member in a letter that went home on November 17. A reasonable amount of money to spend is $20-$25 – please keep in mind that most gift recipients will have more than one student buying for them so we strongly suggest coordinating with classmates to avoid gift duplication.

For K-4 students, please keep the following in mind as you prepare your gift:

  • Wrap the gift

  • Include the name of the recipient clearly on the outside of the package

  • If there is a gift receipt, please attach it to the gift before wrapping

  • If purchasing clothing, please AVOID color combinations which are associated with gang activity (black & purple, black & green, black & blue, black & yellow)

  • Please, no used toys

  • Each K-5 student should bring their wrapped gifts and/or gift cards to their classroom by Monday, December 11th

Students in 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grades will be taking a field trip to shop for their families on Friday, December 8th. Please send your student to school with $20-$25 by Wednesday, December 6th to give to their advisor to hold.

5-8 grade students will participate by:

  • Shopping for the individual family members during the class field trip. If purchasing clothing, we ask that you avoid color combinations which are associated with gang activity: black & purple, black & green, black & blue, black & yellow.

  • Wrapping the gifts at school

  • Including the name of the recipient on the outside of the gift.

We do not accept food items for this project, but you can provide a gift card to Jewel, Walmart or Target, as these stores are local to the families. Many families do not have automobiles so the burden of carrying large boxes of food is overwhelming. If you donate a gift card, the Northwestern Settlement House requests that we write, “Not to be used to purchase liquor or cigarettes” in permanent marker directly on the card. The PTO will also contribute a $25 Jewel gift certificate to each family for a holiday meal.

Thank you for your continued support!

Marie LaPlante (312) 953-0537

Stacey Baker (773) 401-6760

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