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Junior Great Books

What is Junior Great Books: Junior Great Books is a reading program where students read and discuss literature with a group of peers through the Shared Inquiry method. Shared Inquiry centers on exploring meaning and ideas in a supportive environment and makes it possible for all children, regardless of reading level, to contribute with confidence and learn from one another. The literature has been especially chosen to challenge children, spark their ideas, and promote thoughtful discussion. This is an OPTIONAL program for students who are interested. Students should understand the following parameters for participation:

  1. They are giving up a lunchtime recess one day per week for eight weeks

  2. They will have to purchase the school lunch on the day of their assigned Great Books (no exceptions)

  3. There is required reading for each session

Who participates: Junior Great Books is open to interested students in 2nd – 6th grades.

When: Students meet during their lunch/recess time for 8 weeks beginning the week of January 19th and ending the week of March 12th.

3rd Grade: Mondays during lunch 2nd Grade: Thursdays during lunch

How: Parent volunteers help facilitate discussions and reading. Please complete the Registration Form, along with a check made payable to SRS/MF PTO for $25 by December 22nd. Registration Forms and checks should be dropped at either schools’ office.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Duff.

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