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PTO Dues and Classroom Party Fees

What's the difference? The PTO collects 1) PTO Dues - $25/family, and 2) Classroom Party Fees - $25/student. PTO dues fund the programs that we bring to the school and the students. Things like our signature events (movie in the park, family fun fair, new family social, book fair), teacher appreciation (back to school luncheon, conference meals), school programs (AM Rec, coding, Gifts Grant Program), and many more. We ask for $25 per family for PTO dues. The Classroom Party Fees are just that…$25 per student per classroom to cover the cost of parties in the classroom. The PTO collects the classroom fee and gives it right to the Room Parents to organize the parties. The PTO dues and Classroom Party Fees can both be paid on MySchoolBucks. Our goal is to collect all funds by October 14. Please help us reach that goal and fund these programs for the school year.

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