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School Kits

School supply orders are one of the many fundraisers the PTO runs throughout the year. Typically we collect 10% of the purchase price from each kit from the Schoolkidz company. The money collected helps fund author visits, teacher gifts and a variety of other PTO functions.

As some of you may already know, this year provided some unusual complications. The kits were delivered later than expected, and a number of them had some supplies missing. The Schoolkidz company was very supportive in terms of quickly replacing missing supplies and kits. In addition to their quick response, they also provided the PTO with an additional 10% discount to compensate for the confusion. That supplementary money was allocated to teachers and advisors by providing them with a $25 gift card to use toward their classroom, as a thank you for their patience and support. The rest of the money went toward the general PTO fund. We are currently researching what company to use for school supplies next year, and will update everyone once a selection has been made.

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