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Sunset Ridge Transportation Service League

Sunset Ridge School has teamed up with the non-profit organization, World Bicycle Relief! World Bicycle Relief helps provide bikes for people in developing rural regions in Africa, South America, and Asia. Some students in these regions have to walk 6.2 miles just to get to school. This walk is tiring and sometimes dangerous, especially for young girls. Bikes help them get to school more quickly and safely. Bikes also help doctors get to their patients with medical supplies 3 times faster. Farmers can get to their crops, animals, and markets faster. The bikes are each 50 pounds, and can hold 5 times their weight!

Our goal is to raise enough money to get 20 bikes, each costing $147. The total amount of money we need to raise to get 20 bikes is $2940. Help provide people in need of transportation with bikes by donating to our fundraising website below!

-Haley Thompson -Jackson Pick -Vivian Chen

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