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About The D29 PTO

The Sunset Ridge/Middlefork PTO is a vital network of parents, teachers and administrators working together to enhance our children’s school experience. It is because of the strong volunteer efforts of our members that the PTO is able to offer so many academic and enrichment activities throughout the school year. ALL are welcome at the monthly PTO Meetings where district happenings and news are discussed. The PTO welcomes your input and participation!


Until I volunteered, I was oblivious to many of the PTO Chair Positions and what an integral role the PTO plays in the overall culture of District 29. It has truly been a pleasure being involved over the past few years to see the PTO’s positive impact on both students and staff. My involvement has fostered wonderful friendships, has assisted me in gaining a better understanding of the ins and outs of district happenings, and my children enjoy my involvement.



The styluses that the PTO gave the 3rd grade class are awesome! They are really fun to use. We use them to draw and click on small things on our Chromebooks. Thank you PTO!


3rd Grade Student

The PTO is a true collaboration of the hard work, commitment and creativity of the dedicated parents, teachers and staff at District 29. The unique size of our community allows for there to be more commitment and connectedness to the overall success of the PTO.

Gail Belian

Board Chair

Being a member of the PTO has helped me meet other parents and serve my school community in a meaningful way. Every aspect of the PTO endeavors to serve the children of District 29, whether it be through special programs and events or to advance their learning in the classroom by supporting the faculty and staff.

Thomas Whittaker

Board Chair

I was ecstatic to receive our LittleBits from PTO Gifts. Now my students can learn how circuits work with all the buzzers, flashing lights, fans, and wheels they can power off a 9V battery. These little Bits have made a big impact on our students. Thanks PTO for making our Making dreams come true.

Meredith Rice

Integration Specialist

Because of the PTO Gifts program, our dream of premiering a commemorative work in our new theater will come true this spring! Students will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our composer, Jim Stephenson, and debut a brand new work written for band, choir, and orchestra. Thank you for helping create this amazing experience for our students!
The Sixth Grade Ukulele curriculum could never have come to fruition without the aid of the PTO gifts program! The generous gift of instruments, tuners, and method books allows students each year to create and perform every year!

Joe Lewis

SRS Vocal/Music Teacher

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