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PALs Pedometers

Grant Request:



Step-counter class pack of pedometers for use with PALs program during 1st-3rd grade recess.  The goal of the request is to provide an additional, popular activity for our PALS program. The Playground Activity Leaders (PALs) program involves third graders in leadership roles on the recess playground. Each week, the PALs bring a variety of games outside during recess, and all Middlefork students are then invited to join them in the designated PALs area of the playground. Current PALs activities include a ring toss game, jumbo checkers, chalk drawing, and building with tree blocks. We have numerous ideas of how, using the pedometers, the PALS can further encourage positive play amongst students who may find outdoor recess a challenging or lonely time.

Item quantity:

30 pack pedometers: $350.00 plus pedometer cases: 3 at $10 ea, $30.00 total. Pocket pedometer storage holders: 2 at $26.00 ea + $60.00 total.

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