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Playground Block Sets

Grant Request:

$749 – $10,365


These blocks would benefit any Middlefork 1st-3rd grade student that chooses to play with them during recess. They would be brought out at least once a week (similar to existing loose parts play) and would provide a building, creative play option for children at recess. Various sets of blocks can be purchased as funds are available, but it would be nice to have enough to allow a number of children to play with them at once. They are always looking for ways to increase cooperative play for children at recess that do not want to play sports.

1st Choice: 105 piece Big Block Set (20-25 kids) $4,975, 46 piece add on set Angles (additional 10 kids) $2,695, 46 piece add on set Curves (additional 10 kids) $2,695

Second choice: Medium size 70 piece base set $749.95

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