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Buddy Communication Software and Devices

Grant Request:



The SLE (Structured Learning Environment) program is asking to implement Peer-Mediated Aided-Language Stimulation software, TouchChat HD-AAC with WordPower, for students to learn the principals of “Stay, Play, Talk,” as well as other communication partner strategies in order to support mutual interactions between verbal communicators and students who use alternative methods of speaking. All students will communicate using the device to increase modeling and in return, increase student engagement. The hope is that as a result of this software, learners with communication needs will gain general communication skills, as well as increase their engagement and participation with peers, as measured by an increase in eye contact, physical interactions, commenting and requesting. There are currently 18 students who would benefit from the Buddy Device Program.

TouchChat HD- AAC with Word Power $299.99

iPad Case $15.99

Apple iPad $329

Total without district iPad: $315.98

Total purchasing new iPad: $644.98

**Note: There is a possibility the district has an iPad readily available the SLE Program could use for this purpose, in which case all they would need is the software and protective case.**

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