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Cricut Explore Air 2 + EVERYTHING Starter Set
Cricut Premium Access

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is an electronic cutting machine that uses a very precise blade and rollers to cut out pretty much anything imaginable. The Cricut Explore gives access to a library of files to cut, as well as allows you to upload and cut your own files. This is a request for both teachers and students.
Teachers can use the Cricut like they’ve used the die-cut machine in the past, except this machine provides them with endless possibilities to have cut in a fraction of the time. The current die-cut machine is housed in the teachers’ lounge, and has been well-­used throughout the years thanks to a generous PTO gift many years ago supplying the actual machine, as well as replenishment of dies throughout the years. It has sets of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as about 40 different objects to cut out. The Cricut will provide teachers with over 300 fonts, as well as tens of thousands of images. Additionally, teachers can feed their own printed designs into the Cricut to be seamlessly cut.

The wonderful thing about a Cricut is, although it has the capability to print on basically any material desired, it can also cut on supplies that we already have at school, like paper, cardstock and construction paper, eliminating any need to teachers to purchase supplemental materials. Students can use the Cricut to create cards, posters, pop up books, t-­shirts (iron on decals) and wall decals to decorate the school.

Cricut Standard Access is an annual membership which gives unlimited access to over 30,000 images, 1,000 projects and 370 fonts.

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