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Evolutionary Materials

Grant Request:

$2355 - $5,554


This request is to foster the teaching about the evolution of humans and apes!  The materials will be used in the units on Protohumans and Prehistory in the 6th grade social studies, and the Evolution unit in 8th grade science.  The materials consist of replicas of the skulls of several apes and ancestral human species, some based on fossils, and others on reconstructions.  In addition, the kits requested provide replicas of the femurs of several apes and hominids and some of the stone tools used by humans in discovery. The goal is to provide student with an authentic experience of the lab-based work done by archaeologists, primatologists, and paleontologists.  Our current programming in human evolution is minimal: these materials will enhance it a great deal! Moreover, it will increase the students exposure to and understanding of investigations in historical sciences, which are conducted quite differently from those in the physical sciences.

Hominid Skulls, Primate Skulls, Primate Femora, Hominid Tools

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