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Math Games & Manipulatives

Grant Request:



This requests is for the ALP Math Program to purchase a wide variety of mathematical games and manipulatives to be used at both schools.  These games and manipulatives help children build foundational understandings of mathematical concepts, build on their math knowledge, and practice math skills in a dynamic and engaging way.

These resources will be used across the district in a fun and engaging way to reinforce skills taught during core instruction and be used to develop higher level thinking skills. These items would greatly enhance our current curriculum, and funding for them is not within our general operating budget.


Attribute Buttons (3), Dice (2), Pop Cubes (4), Tangrams (2), Protractors, Rulers (3), Algebra Tiles (2), Math for Love, Tenzi (4), Rush Hour (2), Gravity Maze (2), Set (2), Mastermind (2), Kanoodle (2), Mindware Q-bitz (2), Logic Links (2), ColorKu (2), Katamino (2), Geoboards (10), Angle Legs (2).

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