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Music Rug

Grant Request:



Our music room needs a music rug! While we do currently have a blue square carpet, a music rug will brighten the room, making it more engaging, as well as provide a myriad of music lesson opportunities.

Music is inherently tied to movement, and students need an opportunity to move and find the rhythm in their bodies. Every student at Middlefork needs boundaries to learn, but not necessarily hard, plastic chairs. The answer: a music rug! This request is for a beautiful, multicolored, durable, classroom rug (see attached picture). The rectangular rug is 10’x13’ and will stretch across the center of the classroom. Along the outside of the rug, the design has 24 different colored rectangles, just the size for a student sitting cross legged. On this rug, our kindergarten through third grade students will sit in class “circles” as we learn and share instruments, rhythm, songs and ideas. Sitting together on our music rug will help students focus and the rectangular shape of the group will make many, many music learning activities and games possible.

This rug even comes with a book of learning games, where the rug can be used as a game board. I’ve attached a picture of the contents from the book. Students can work on note name recognition, music symbols, dynamics, tempo, duration, even composing on the giant staff in the middle! It is a marvelous life-sized teaching tool.

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