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Kwame Alexander Books

Grant Request:



This request is for a catalog of books by renowned author Kwame Alexander, prior to his visit on April 10, 2019.  In order to make his visit meaningful for the entire student body, we are requesting 3 copies of each of Kwame Alexander’s books to each of our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teachers.  They will keep these books as part of their classroom library, and younger students will be able to read his books in preparation for the author visit.  In addition, this funding request supports each 7th and 8th grade student receiving a copy of one of his books prior to the visit.

This initiative is part of a “One Author, One School” program that will take place during Spring 2019. Because each of our students will have access to Kwame Alexander’s books, we will be tying our school community together through a common author.  This is a first-time initiative for our SRS community and we are very excited about it!  The long range of this request is to grow a love of reading and curiosity about diverse experiences and voices in each one of our students.  Through “One Author, One School,” we are uniting as a school around reading- all reading work by the same author at the same time, is an excellent opportunity to build relationships across grade levels and encourage all of our students to “talk books” in as many different contexts as possible.

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